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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Are you hungry for information?

Do you ask Why?

When you or your little one gets diagnosed with some or other infection, or condition – do you ask why?

Why did they get it? What caused it? How can you prevent it from happening again?

When I became a mother and my daughter suffered from colic and constipation I was consumed with “Why”.

When I had terrible eczema and IBS I wasn’t satisfied with the diagnosis and the medication prescription – I wondered “Why” I had these conditions.

I have always been hungry for information – knowledge is empowering – especially when it comes to your health and to parenting and nurturing a little one. There are some tough decisions to be made, and knowing what the ‘right’ thing to do is can be overwhelming. Placing all our trust in someone else when it comes to something like our health and bodies or that of our child’s seems irrational to me. There is no-one else that cares as much about me and my child’s well-being as I do – no-one is going to put as much time, effort and energy into it as me.

And so began my natural health journey.

Even before I studied to be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I watched MANY of these online summits – I was amazed by all the information that was available – for free! – by highly qualified medical and natural health professionals! These summits are a true gift. They empower you to take care of your and your little one’s health and well being. They empower you to have a meaningful conversation with your doctor. They enable you to ask Why! And once you know Why (& What), you can begin to discover How to remedy it.

2017 Food Revolution Summit

29 April  – 7 May 2017

There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there about food.

Have you been wondering — Is gluten really bad for your health, or is it okay? Is organic food really worth the extra price? Are fats bad – or good? How much protein do you need?

Do you want the truth about food from some of the top scientists, researchers, and food activists in the world?

Get the truth about food during the 2017 Food Revolution Summit.

We have a food industry that often acts like health doesn’t matter, and we have a medical industry that often acts as if food doesn’t matter.

It’s crazy how so many diseases that were rare a hundred years ago are almost considered normal. They happen so frequently now: heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and food allergies are all becoming epidemics.

The food industry has hijacked the marketplace, and processed junk food is pretty much everywhere. Even many so-called “natural” foods turn out to be hazardous to your health. Now, we’re even seeing genetically modified ingredients showing up in “health” foods, even those labeled “all-natural”!

Enough is enough!

From April 29th- May 7th, my friends, John and Ocean Robbins, are interviewing 24 of the top doctors, activists, and scientists in the food world — including speakers like Dean Ornish, MD; Michael Greger, MD; Mark Hyman, MD; Vandana Shiva, Ph.D; Christiane Northrup, MD; and Joel Fuhrman, MD.

You can get it all online, from anywhere on earth — for free. You’ll discover tips and tools to keep you and your loved ones healthy for life. So if you want to feel good about your food, enjoy more energy, vitality and increased immunity, this is the place to be!

When it comes to your health and the lives of those you love, the time to get informed and take action is NOW. And this is the place to do it.

Check it out and sign up for the Food Revolution Summit here.

It’s totally free.

P.S. The food you eat daily is either hurting or healing your body. Get the latest news and insights from the top 24 doctors and food researchers on how to get “dialed in” on healing your body with food. So, you can enjoy massive shifts in how you feel, your energy level, and even your sleep.

P.P.S. There’s a great special bonus when you sign up for the Food Revolution Summit: The Real Food Action Guide. It reveals medical breakthroughs the food industry hopes you never discover, and gives you the truth about GMOs and how to protect your family. When you sign up, you can download it immediately for free!


The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2

8 – 15 May 2017

The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 will explore how the microbiome orchestrates, regulates and can heal your body. It reveal the latest discoveries about a wide variety of health problems, and how the microbiome can help you heal at a deep level.


The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 will teach you to:

Enhance brain function, improve / regulate mood, reduce anxiety and depression

Address gastrointestinal illnesses, including IBS, Crohn’s and colitis

Counter newly identified GI/brain syndromes

Address autoimmune diseases (at the root cause!)

Your host, Dr. Raphael Kellman, has seen the profound healing power of microbiome medicine and how it can address many diseases. Once you understand the staggering role the microbiome plays in every single aspect of your health, you’ll understand the keys to a healthy and meaningful life.

The amazing line up of speakers and topics includes (among others):

Maya Shetreat-Klein  – ‘Nature’s Impact on the Microbiome’

Jill Carnahan – ‘Gut-Brain Connection and Improving Your Mood’

James Maskell – ‘Microbiome, Brain and the Evolution of Functional Medicine’

Raphael Kellman – ‘Microbiome Medicine: The Foundation of Healing’

David Perlmutter  – ‘Healthy Messages from Body to Brain’

Max Lugavere  – ‘Microbiome in Cognitive Performance and Aging’

Trudy Scott – ‘Microbiome and Mental Health’

Sarkis Mazmanian – ‘Psychological Effects from the Microbiome’

Andrea Nakayama  – ‘Functional Medicine for Nutrition and Digestion’

Donna Gates  – ‘Cleansing the Microbiome’

Susan Blum – ‘Basic Steps to a Healthy Immune System’

David Jockers  – ‘Stomach Acid, Bacteria and Healthy Digestion’

David L. Katz  – ‘Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle’

Terry Wahls  – ‘Healing Chronic Illness Through the Microbiome’

Jo Panyko  – ‘Microbiome and Chronic Fatigue’

Jonathan Landsman  – ‘How Poor Oral Health Kills Gut Health’

Beth Lambert – ‘Microbiome’s Relation to Childhood Conditions’

JJ Virgin – ‘Sugar’s Impact on the Microbiome’

Robyn Youkilis – ‘Lifestyle of a Healthy Gut’

Whitney Tingle & Danielle Duboise – ‘Eating Your Way to a Healthy Microbiome’

Ben Lynch – ‘Importance of the MTHFR Enzyme’

Sayer Ji – ‘Rethinking Bacteria and Genetics’

Niki Gratrix  – ‘Emotional Trauma in Microbiome Health’

Vincent Pedre  – ‘How to Have a Happy Gut!’

Register for The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 to get access to free Early Talks & eBooks.


The Truth About Vaccines

12 – 19 April 2017

We’re about to witness the greatest health debate of the 21st century, and you’re definitely going to want to have a front row seat for this.

It’s a topic that lights a fire under smart people on both sides of the issue.

Some say they’re mandatory, and some say they’re dangerous.

Tensions are rising from both camps, and our children are the ones caught in the middle.

The topic? Vaccines.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of whether you think vaccines are helpful or harmful… the reality is that it’s become one of THE hot-button issues of our time. People are truly passionate about their positions, and that… my friends is a HUGE part of the problem.

When emotion interferes with facts, the truth gets lost in the shuffle.

But there’s a new face leading the fight into the fray to try and separate fact from fiction and find the middle ground, where we can have an honest conversation about this…

Filmmaker and health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger has jumped head first into the choppy waters of the vaccine debate to investigate BOTH sides and find out what parents need to know to make the right decision for their kids. He’s about to release the biggest, most comprehensive series ever created on the topic of vaccines, and you need to see it. Period.

There’s new information here that you, your neighbors, and everybody in your community needs to know about.

Click right here and get the full details about this explosive new documentary series and how you can watch the whole thing for FREE starting April 12th 2017.

Here’s to finding the truth…

P.S. We can all agree that we just want our children to be safe, and that we don’t want to take chances with their health. Vaccine safety is a topic every parent needs to be informed and educated about — pros and cons — in order to make the best possible decision for your family.


My Healthy Child

20 -26 July 2017

The Telegraph newspaper in London recently stated that children’s cancers are up 40% in the last 16 years. One of the most shocking things I learnt in my course at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition is that the No. 1 leading cause of death in children used to be “Accidental Death” – now it is cancer! In children!


With our children increasingly being affected by lifestyle diseases, the overwhelming number of carcinogens in everything from our environment to our food, is becoming harder every day to know how to keep our kids healthy.


That’s where the “My Healthy Child” online event may be able to help us.




Keeping our children healthy gets harder every day. What to feed them. How to keep them off computers every minute of the day. Should we vaccinate or not? Do we take them to the doctor every time they have an earache or pink eye? What about antibiotics?


This event brings together 21 experts for interviews about how THEY bring up their children and what they recommend you do with your little ones. All interviews are being streamed free of charge for seven days from July 20th to 26th.


Although most of these experts are very well known, many had never agreed to be interviewed on this subject before. They will  share their tips and strategies for bringing up their own children on the right path.


Chris Wark from Chris Beat cancer will weigh in with a really extensive interview on how to help your child avoid (or, heaven forbid, deal with) cancer in all its forms.


Vitamin C is discussed in depth, as are the use of essential oils around your home.


Attending this virtual event is a great way to kick start your child’s health.


The Immune Defense Summit

24 – 31 July 2017

Immune Defense Summit

“Your best defense against today’s (and tomorrow’s) global health threats is a strong immune system. Yet, too many still remain uninformed about the best protocols to prevent illness and defeat diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease and the looming threat of “superbugs,” which are on pace to be MORE deadly than any other health condition.

It’s time to give your immune system what it needs to protect your health!


Register for The Immune Defense Summit.




36 of the world’s top experts in integrative medicine and science are here to discuss the strengthening of your immune system to help protect you from all types of diseases, including autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease, dementias and even common pathogens like the flu, measles and pneumonia.


The Immune Defense Summit will teach you about:

Infectious disease solutions (without toxic drugs!)

Latest advances in immune protective protocols

How to stop the threat of colds, flu and pneumonia

Alarming vaccine news (and safe alternatives!)

Strategies to reverse disease symptoms at the root cause


36 of the world’s top experts in integrative medicine and science are here to discuss the strengthening of your immune system to help protect you from all types of diseases, including autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease, dementias and even common pathogens like the flu, measles and pneumonia.”