Party Food & Sweet Things

Party Food & Something Sweet


Birthday parties are generally a sweet affair with sugar-fuelled children running around like lunatics!
Not Mila’s 🙂 (Much to my mother’s initial dismay.)


At the time of Mila’s first birthday party I was still very new to the whole gluten-free, sugar-free baking thing. My mom asked me how I could feed “that food” to people – at the time the criticism upset me, but in hindsight (and looking back at the photos) I have to admit… she was right! I have come along way since then, and have proven (to myself and my mom) that free-from parties can be a delicious treat – for both children and adults alike!

(I must add that my mom is now the greatest sales agent for my book!)

The greatest benefit of putting so much effort in to preparing a ‘free-from’ party is that the whole day is enjoyable – there are no sugar-highs and crashes, there are no lunatic kids, there are no temper tantrums.

One word of advice – start preparing the food a few days in advance! You do not want the actual birthday to be overshadowed by the cooking and the stress of preparation. For Mila’s first birthday party, I made the mistake of trying to make everything ‘fresh’ and on the day – by the time everyone had arrived I just wanted to go and hide in my bedroom!

The great thing about these ‘party foods’ is that they are so nutritious they can be served as part of a meal, or as a meal on their own! What child gets to eat chocolate fudge for dinner and ice-cream for breakfast? Who says free-from kids are deprived?

The recipes in the “Party Food & Something Sweet” Chapter in ‘Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics’

RECIPES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Choc-Nut Fudge, Chickpea Fudge, Date Balls, Chocolate Mousse, Nana-Choc Ice-Cream, Dairy-Free Ice-Cream (4 flavours),  Raw Ice-Cream Cups, Ice Lollies, Chocolate (or Vanilla) Cupcakes, Carrot Cupcakes, Sticky Chocolate Layer Cake, Chocolate Cake (Grain-free), Ruby Red Icing, Various Cake & Cupcake Icings, Chocolate Icing, Cake & Cupcake Decorations.

 You can find the recipes for more delicious & nutritious treats on the Recipes page.

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