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For those of you who have been following me on Instagram and Facebook – you would have seen that in an unconscious cooking moment, I broke my Oscar Juicer!


Well out-of-the-blue I received a phonecall from Philips South Africa to say that they would very much like to get Mila and I drinking our green juices again… and they gifted me a brand new juicer!


And that’s not all!


They have given me a second juicer for me to gift to one of you! If there’s one thing I love as much as my daily green juice and getting #SneakyVeggies into Mila, its gifts – both giving and receiving them!


Thank you Thank you Philips!

The Philips + Mila’s Meals #SneakyVeggies Giveaway Includes:


1. A Philips Avance Collection Juicer with FibreBoost Techonology.

The Nitty Gritty


The Philips Avance Collection Juicer has FiberBoost technology that enables you to choose the texture of juice you prefer. With the switch of a button, you can select from a refreshing clear juice to a more creamy juice with up to 50% more fibre.


  • FiberBoost Technology juicer with up to 50% extra fibre
  • The combination of controlled constant speed with a unique sieve design allows more or less fibre in your juice
  • 2 speed settings
  • Extra large feeding tube
  • Pulp naturally falls into one container
  • Juice up to 3 litres in one go
  • Drip stop for a clean kitchen counter
  • Cleans in 1 minute with QuickClean Technology
  • Simply pour in water for quick pre-clean between different juices
  • Easy to clean sieve
  • Quick and easy assembly of all parts
  • Includes 1 litre jug
  • Non-slip feet
  • Integrated cord storage
  • Lower noise and vibration motor
  • Parts are dishwasher safe

Why I love my Philips Juicer


I had another centrifugal juicer (before Father Christmas brought me the Oscar Juicer) – it was incredibly noisy and it did a poor job of getting juice out of green leaves. I am happy to say that this Philips Juicer is quiet and it makes excellent green juices! It is also far more compact than my previous juicer so it does not take up as much of my limited kitchen counter space.


Another plus – it has two settings – you can choose if you want very little “pulp” in your juice (perfect for Mila who does not like the “bits”), or if you do want some pulp – perfect for me as I welcome the fibre.

Ah… centrifugal?


You get two types of juicers (based on the way they extract juice from fruits and veggies):


  • a centrifugal juicer uses a fast-spinning grinding blade (like this Philips Avance Juicer)
  • a masticating juicer slowly crushes fruit and vegetables (like the Oscar Juicer)

Which one is better?

This is like asking how long a piece of string is! There are pro’s and con’s for each type of juicer – and you really need to look at your lifestyle and find a juicer to match.



Time seems to be featuring in almost every decision I make these days! (frustratingly so!).


Why would time come into play when choosing a juicer? Well, if you are like me and have the crazy morning ‘wake up-get Mila dressed-pack lunchbox-shower-get dressed-eat-and-get to school rush’, then a centrifugal juicer is going to help you! There is no need to chop the fruits and veggies into pieces like you would have to for the narrow chute of a masticating juicer, and the juicing process is a lot quicker too.


As for the cleaning – this Philips Avance Collection Juicer has a pre-clean function AND the parts are dishwasher safe!



This is another lengthy nutrition debate! It has been said that because centrifugal system uses a spinning force and friction, enzymes and nutrients are destroyed in the process due to the heat it generates. The truth is, however, that there isn’t enough force and friction occurring to significantly destroy the enzymes. If you are a raw foodist, however, I can understand that you would rather choose to use a masticating juicer – which squeezes the juice out of the food very slowly so there isn’t a lot of friction and heat created.


Quantity of Juice

There is no denying that the best masticating juicers are going to give you about 20% more juice than a centrifugal juicer. This means that you’ll use less fruits and vegetables and therefor save on your grocery bills… but these leads to the BIG plus of a centrifugal juicer…


The Cost

Centrifugal juicers are far more affordable than the masticating juicers. Understandably so, as masticating juicers have additional attachments which allow you to make sorbets, nut butters, baby food, pasta etc. But is it’s just juice you are after and you’re on a budget – then this juicer is the way to go.

Mila gives our new juicer a BIG Thumbs Up!


And the second part of the giveaway…


2. A signed copy of Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics!


Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics is an award-winning 500-page collection of over 100 nourishing wholefood recipes and food ideas for baby’s first years (and the rest of the family too). Free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy and artificial additives. It is as much about learning how and what to feed your little one, as it is about RE-learning how to feed yourself.


You can find out all about the book and see chapter previews here.

Are you ready to get juicing?

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Catherine Barnhoorn

Mom to Mila, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and author of 'Mila's Meals: The Beginning & The Basics'.


  • Nicole Naicker

    15.07.2017 at 10:53 Reply

    Would love to win this awesome prize ,to make the freshest healthiest juice

  • Janine O'Brien

    15.07.2017 at 11:58 Reply

    I would love to win this prize for my son who is gluten and dairy intolerant. I have wanted your book for ages 🙂

    • Catherine Barnhoorn

      01.08.2017 at 18:56 Reply

      If you aren’t the winner (I’m sorry there can only be one)- its nearly time to write letters to Father Christmas 😉

  • Erinda Esterhuizen

    17.07.2017 at 17:32 Reply

    Wow Wow Wow
    Amazing Giveaway
    Perfect For Healthy Fresh Fruit and Vegtable Juice
    Delicious and Tasty
    I Would Love to Win This Incredible Giveaway

  • Michelle Van Rooyen

    18.07.2017 at 09:09 Reply

    This would help me tremendously, my kids battle with fruits and veggies. My hubby is type 2 diabetes. This will help my family to live and drink healthier drinks

  • Leigh-Anne Swart

    18.07.2017 at 11:35 Reply

    Great prize and would love to make the freshest healthiest juice

  • soraya Asmal

    20.07.2017 at 09:06 Reply

    Oh I can just imagine a tall glass of chilled fruit cocktail juice freshly squeezed by me of course. What a fabulous way to start my and my family’s day.

  • Angela Hausner

    25.07.2017 at 23:26 Reply

    Milas mama, this is all right up my alley! I thought I was so in the know with all the healthy who’s…. how did I only find you now! Anyway. Inspiring!

  • Sharmon Reddington

    28.07.2017 at 10:40 Reply

    This book is the oracle!

  • Zimonita Swartz

    17.08.2017 at 10:45 Reply


    The cookbook and juicer would come in real handy to cook meals and make juice for my grandfather who was diagnosed with cancer, enjina heart and arthritis.

    I am currently buying all the juices for him and running out of meals to make. Would like him to stay healthy

  • Rahzeema West

    17.08.2017 at 10:55 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your amazing a bride to be..i need to loose sum weight lol But the healthy way

  • Elmarie van huyssteen

    17.08.2017 at 11:38 Reply

    Have been taking my health for granted, but with the juicer it sure will bring me back to good health again

  • Daniela Cardoso

    17.08.2017 at 23:30 Reply

    could definitely need the assistance of a health coach to encourage me to meet my health and fitness goals

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