FAQ's & Definitions

I define a #clevermama as a mom who:

  • Asks “Why?”. A lot! E.g. why is my child’s nose always snotty?
  • A mom who, after asking “Why?”, sets out to find the solution in natural remedies (diet, lifestyle etc.) or natural medicine (homeopath, integrative, or functional medicine doctor)
  • Reads ingredient labels AND wonders what those unpronounceable ingredients are AND wonders Why they are in there!
  • Knows that food is either healing you or harming you
  • Uses food as medicine
  • Turns her kid’s favourite foods into nutrient-dense superfoods without them knowing.
  • Oh yes – sneaks vegetables into nearly all meals (again, without her kids knowing). #sneakyveggies
  • Applies the #wastenotwantnot principle. E.g. eggs shells are a great source of calcium. Boil them, grind them, sprinkle on food. No need for bottled calcium supplements.
  • Knows that not all superfoods come in fancy packaging with a $$$ price tag – soil and sunshine being great examples of this!
  • Manages her time, money and energy well by batch cooking, meal planning etc
  • Sends herself for timeouts, not her kids.
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